The National Council of Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity, through the Fraternity's Endowment Trust Fund, is pleased to announce a revised Awards Program.

The existing awards have been revised and a new Advisor award has been added.

Each award includes a monetary stipend tor recipients.

Each award includes a description, criteria, application process and the selection process.

All Nominations are made by the chapter through the advisor or in the case of the Advisor Award, through the Chapter Officers.


Advisors and Officers should read in detail the information provided so that the information can be used to make sure that deserving chapter members are nominated.

There are four awards - the nomination form will be available soon

- Chapter Development Award - Focuses on the service that the chapter provides to the campus or community.
- Scholarship Award - Awarded to all chapter members who meet the GPA standard; 3.25 for undergraduates having completed 90 credit hours and 3.5 for graduate students having completed 24 credit hours. A monetary award will be given to one outstanding member from each chapter
- R. R. Schreiber Distinguished Service Award - Recognizes one individual from each chapter who provides outstanding service to the campus or community
- Distinguished Advisor Award - Recognizes the faculty advisor who serves as an exemplary role model for their student chapter members

The annual deadline for the submission of applications is February 28.